Saturday, 22 May 2010

Final deadline for our degree show set up was yesterday, and even after a disastrous firing, I've managed to push out some really nice pieces and I'm really happy with my show.

I've just got a hardcore weekend of of 2d work before our assessment deadline!!

Friday, 7 May 2010

I recently entered The Young Ceramicists Tile Competition Hosted by Usak University in Turkey.

I was excited to find out I was awarded a Turkish Gold Coin and am going to be flown out to Turkey to attend the Spring Festival and the Exhibition Opening and Award Ceremony.

the flights were booked today and I leave on the 30th of May for a 5 night stay before returning to Cardiff just in time for my degree show opening! A nice break to de-stress and catch a tan I hope!
14 days and counting until our final assessment date! Its all getting scary now, but exciting too! I think I'm on track to have a body of work I'm happy with, just need one final push for the new two weeks.

Cardiff School of Art and Design Ceramics Degree Show: 2010 - Celebrating 3 years of Ceramic Practice.
5th - 11th June.